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In our daily life, all kinds of valves play a very important role. Among them, check valves are often used in the water pipelines of household kitchens and bathrooms. Although we need to deal with check valves every day, many people don’t know the difference between a vertical check valve and a horizontal check valve. We will discuss the topic in this blog.

difference between vertical check valve and horizontal check valve

1.Different installation methods

The horizontal check valve is installed on the horizontal pipeline; the vertical check valve is installed in the vertical pipeline.

2.Different Working Principles

The horizontal check valve is to prevent the medium from flowing back from the pipeline. The opening and closing parts are automatically opened and closed by the flow of the medium and gravity.

check valve installation

Tips For Check Valve Installation

1. To avoid backflow of the medium in the pipeline, it is necessary to install check valves on both the equipment and the pipeline.

2. The check valve is mainly used for cleaning media, and it is best not to use media with solid particles or high viscosity.
3. Compared with the riser type and the inclined type, the riser type has better sealing performance and higher fluid resistance, so the horizontal pipe should be installed with the straight type, and the vertical pipe should be installed with the vertical type.

4. If it is a straight pipe type, there is not much restriction on installation, whether it is a horizontal pipe or a vertical pipe, it can be installed.
5. If it is a swing type, there is not much restriction on installation. It can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipes, but when installed in a vertical pipe, the middle flow should be kept from bottom to top.

6. Do not allow the check valve to bear weight in the pipeline. Large check valves must be independently supported during installation to avoid the influence of the pressure generated by the pipeline system. During installation, the flow direction of the medium must be in the same direction as the arrow marked on the valve body.

3. The vertical flap lifting check valve must be installed in the riser, and the riser type horizontal flap check valve must be installed on the horizontal pipeline.

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