how to clean rust from chromium plated brass fittings

how to clean rust from chromium plated brass fittings

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A chrome finish is actually meant to work as a protectant layer against rust. Unfortunately, rust can occur when the chrome plating is damaged from scratching or dents, and the metal underneath comes in contact with moisture and oxygen in the air. In this article, we will outline the cause of rust and how to clean rust from brass fittings.

Causes of rust

The most common causes of rust on brass fittings are moisture, corrosion by sulfur compounds, contact with acids or other corrosive substances, contact with electrical current or water, and exposure to the elements.

how to prevent rust from forming

Rust is a common problem with metal surfaces, and it can be hard to prevent. Here are some tips to keep your metal objects from rusting:

  1. Always clean your metal surface before painting or coating it. This will remove any dirt and oils that can promote rust.
  2. Protect your metal object from moisture and humidity. These factors can cause the surface to corrode quickly.
  3. Use a protective coating on exposed metal parts of your object. This will help prevent the metal from oxidizing and creating rust spots.
  4. Store your metal objects in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

How to clean rust from brass fittings:

If you have rusty brass fittings, there are a few things you can do to clean them. You can use a metal cleaner, a rust converter, or boiling water. First, use a metal cleaner on the rusty part of the fitting. Follow the instructions on the package. If the fitting is large and has lots of areas to clean, you may need to do this several times. After cleaning with the metal cleaner, use a rust converter on the rougher parts of the fitting. This will remove any remaining rust. Finally, boil water in a pot and pour it over the fitting. Let it soak for several minutes before using a plunger to push all the dirt and corrosion out.

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